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Ma. KatherineHello from SFC New York!
Posted by Ma. Katherine Guaño on 11/17/2008 12:18:09 AM

Hi Everyone,
I just would like to share this email with you from our SFC brother in NY.  Chris and his partner Crislie are team-leading a CLP right now.  What is amazing is that Chris is an American (true blue)!  I`m not sure about Crislie as we haven`t met her yet.  But it is truly wonderful how we`ve managed to do our part, no matter how small, to really spread the news to all the peoples of the earth.


Hello Tito Aldy and Tita Joy,

How are you?  I don`t know if you remember me.  I am the American with the black rimmed glasses. We had lunch at the conference in San Diego with Tito Raymund Sucgang after your PFO workshop Tita Joy.

I wanted to update you on some of the good tidings the Lord has been blessing with us here in New York.

First, we will be having our first CLP this Saturday.  When we originally sent out the word, we only had 2 responses. In one week that number has grown to 12! There are only 6 of us in the community! This is a big step forward and thankfully, Tito Jose Ng is close by to assist as well as our New Jersey brothers and sisters.

Second, we found a venue for our households which is a closed Catholic school several months ago. Because the school is no longer functioning as a school we get to use the full facilities. The brothers can play basketball in the gym. Is it any wonder that guys who are not in the community come and join the games?  The blessing is that they want to hang out for household after. We are trying to make a special CLP for them because they cannot make the day in which CLP is scheduled.  That could add another 3-4 on top of the 12.

This week we are going to start having dance for the sisters down in a carpeted meeting room. My partner, Crislie and I, got tired of watching the sisters ambling around, sitting and talking while the men played. Maybe it will inspire non-member women to come too. We can only pray and hope.

I hope that the Lord will continue to bless us with more eager members.

Where we truly need prayers are in the development and training of new leaders. So many of these tidings are coming so quickly that we haven`t had time to discern leaders among us. However, we want to take the time to cultivate truly good, spiritual, wholesome men and women to be leaders. So much of what we are building here will carry on through the years to come if the community is to survive in New York City. Crislie and I recognize that and it is primary in how we organize, manage, and carry out things.

May you please include us in your prayers.

Tito and Tita, I know that you are busy with so much in terms of community, work, and your family. I am eager to know what new things you have planned for us here in SFC. How is the Pastoral Formation coming along? I am looking forward to what the future might be for SFC! :)

God bless,


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This is Crislie and i would like to let you know that after one year of serving, we have 27 members now in NYC and still counting.

God indeed is awesome.

Praises to him
Posted 2/3/2010 2:27:39 PM

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