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KateA Celebration of Victory & Thanksgiving
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 11/9/2008 11:13:49 PM

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It seems hard to believe that 2008 is already coming to a close.  Last November 8,2008 Metro Manila Leaders Assembly at the Lay Formation Center Chapel was our last MMA for the year.  And what an amazing year this has been!

It was only fitting to close the year by making the MMLA a Celebration of Victory and also making it a night of Thanksgiving and Honoring. 

We have had so many successful events this year: The ILC, Princess Diaries, A Knight`s Tale, the MMC; and the chapter activities like CLP, Singles Retreats, and Discovery Weekends. We have also been blessed with the growing number of volunteers for our many ministries.

When we recall the Sector Milestone Presentations, we remember the joyful faces of the members sharing in the triumph over many of the hardships each sector has encountered this year.  We share in their victories and milestones because of our invisible bond as brothers and sisters, our common mission and our shared love for our awesome God.

During Lawrence Quintero`s announcement, we learn how busy our leaders have been to ensure the wheels that hold our community together are kept in motion.  There are so many men and women who work tirelessly in the shadows to make sure our community is fulfilling its mission especially despite the many roadblocks it faces.  We see 2009 to be another activity-packed year.  But the Center is continuously finding new and creative ways to inspire our Singles to participate in the community activities especially the work for Gawad Kalinga. 

Aldy Katigbak`s talk on Honoring has been truly moving as well.  It reminded us once again the power of affirmation:  the power each one of us have to uplift, motivate and inspire others by honoring them and in turn, humble ourselves to the person we are honoring. And when we honor the person, we also honor the One who created him.  


When we look back at our shared experiences in 2008, we see them as truly victorious experiences.  We all have our share of trials as leaders and servants, of sacrifices to remain faithful to our calling, of difficulties in living a Christian life outside the community and of struggles in spreading His Good News to the ends of the earth.   But amazingly, though this year has been riddled with hardship, we are reminded of our God who is in control of everything; a God who is a patient teacher especially during times of great challenges and tribulations; a God who uses even our gravest circumstances to bring about His glory and ultimately prove His immense love for us.


This immense love fuelled us to do better and be more like Him every day.  Despite our failings and imperfections, He allowed us a million chances to do better.  We see this in our brothers and sisters whose lives He has transformed.  We see this in the love and nurturing we receive from the leaders in our community.  We see this in the many ways our members use their talent, time and resources to help the community and its ministries.

God has given so much to our community this year!  He has blessed each member with unique gifts to be used and shared for His holy purpose.  The victory is indeed God`s and it is only appropriate that as we honor and thank this community for giving us a second home where we find a constant source of spiritual nourishment, we should more so honor and thank our merciful God who made all of this possible. We truly cannot have any victory without God`s permission.  We have nothing to boast except His inexhaustible love for us.  It is this love that assures us that His faithfulness will not waver. And we are guaranteed the ability to do all things in Him who strengthens us.  Because we know in the end, it`s His show anyway.  We offer this year of testing, molding, rebuilding, conquering, believing and above all, loving, for His greater glory!

 Article by: Dolly Macam (SFC South B)


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Essa Anthony Watt
Essa Anthony Watt
wehhh!, nandyan ako... un nga lang nsa gilid, kasi late na kami eh... pero huli man, ok din... kasi we feel the spirit of god... super nice!
Posted 11/10/2008 9:18:38 AM

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