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wenksMay`s MMLA : A Big Hit In God`s Eyes
Posted by wenks pasimio on 5/21/2008 10:10:07 PM

Laughter and tears alternately flooded the pews of the Layforce Chapel the evening of Saturday the 17th of May. 
There was not a solitary soul in the house who did not feel the surge of the Holy Spirit as Lexee Santiago led the body into deep worship. Emcees Mon Bayani and May Jingco were quick on the take to follow up the mood to rouse the Singles into remembering the Lord’s victories in the Men’s & Women’s Conferences. Immediately after, the night’s highlight began -
Exhorting over 700 single men and women, Arun Gogna, a Light of Jesus Community preacher, told of how God’s love can be found in the most unlikely places – and can be readily seen, if only we open our eyes wider…
Starting with what could only read like a love letter from the Lord taken off the writings of Isaiah 43, Arun brought to mind the how the Creator of the universe considers us His precious ones, how dearly we are held close to His heart. Amidst hilarious anecdotes, he conveyed telling points about the love of our Maker towards us, especially in everyday living -
God’s love is creative. The Creator of all knew exactly what He was doing as He fashioned not just man and woman but, as He weaves out lives. He knows exactly what to give each person; and everything, if only seen through His eyes, may be viewed as blessings to be enjoyed. It is only when we focus on the wrong things that we lose sight of this. What we focus on grows – and if we focus on God’s immense love for us, it will definitely grow!
God’s love redeems us from fear. The world can paralyze us into immobility if we allow it. We fear much to the point of feeling how with our fears, we are left quite alone. And yet all the reality we need to come to terms with is how we are never alone with God and His love!
God’s love echoes our name throughout all creation. There is no other name that rings a chord in our hearts as tenderly as our own. And the Lord calls us sweetly by name, not just when we’ve done well but, also when we’ve fallen to sin. He calls us not just when we’re triumphant but, also when the darkness of the night sets in. He calls us not just one day, but each and every day. Our very selves are written on His hand for all eternity! 
God’s love makes us belong. In Christ Jesus, we will always have a home. In each other, in community, in God’s own heart. Nobody should feel separate from the body as we collectively form the United Church in Christ.
God’s love makes us special. As God’s chosen ones, as God’s precious ones, we should understand how unchanging this great love for us is. Circumstance will not cause it to change, neither will our sin. Even death can not stop Him from loving us.
 Words simply can not capture how joy filled the hearts of many that night. Reminding us of who we are, of our heritage, of our identity, of how big we are in the eyes of God allowed us to drink deeply of His great love. And allowed us to remember that He invites us to drink deeply, each and every day we live.

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It was indeed another GREAT experience! BTW, my surname is Mabini (not Bayani--- he he he)
Posted 5/27/2008 8:47:00 AM
I am really thankful I was one of those priveleged singles who heard this wonderful affirmation from God. As I listen to these points I realized how lucky I am and that little or big disappointments and problems should not limit my service to God..I owe all my life to Him...The least I can do to repay Him for His goodness is to believe that He created me to love and be loved in return...I am so excited for more blessings God has promised me this year...I may not know them all yet, but my heart is overflowing with eagerness...I am BIG in God`s eyes....I am loved and I will continue to love!
Posted 5/22/2008 4:52:24 AM

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