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RPSong: Beloved (2014)
Posted by RP Tesoro on 1/30/2014 8:20:19 PM

CFC Theme song for the year. Listen, learn, teach and enjoy!


(Kirby S. Llaban)


Intro: E – A – E – A  

Dbm7 – B/Eb – E – Bsus - A9(Hold)


Verse I

 E        Bsus       A9

Redeemer of all mankind

  Dbm          Bsus

Born in a manger


Raised as a carpenter

 Dbm       Bsus           A9

Oh my King, we come to ponder


Verse II

E        Bsus           A9

Son of our God, Most High

    Dbm          Bsus

Obeying the Father


Destined to suffer

Dbm    Bsus                  A9

All of these, we come to ponder



Dbm7                        Bsus        A9

Who am I, that you should die for my sins? 

 Dbm7              B/Eb     A9(Hold) A9

‘Cause every day, as I pray I thank you Lord for saving me.



Dbm7 – Bsus     A9          Dbm7 – E    Bsus  

Beloved        Son of God.  Oh Jesus, we worship You! (2x)

Dbm7   Bsus                                     Gbm

All glory be   to the One. Father, Spirit,      Son.

(Repeat from second half of intro)



Dbm7   Bsus                    Dbm7

On the cross you said, “Woman, Behold Your Son

 A9              Dbm7

Son, Behold Your Mother”

         Bsus            A9

And with Mary we come to build Your Church

        Gbm7    E/     A9(Hold) 

May Your Kingdom come on Earth

Right Click here and choose "Save As" to download the song in mp3 format

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Do you folks already know the CFC Theme Song for 2015?
Posted 1/11/2015 12:36:42 AM
Hello sino po may malinis na copy ng One Heart (theme song nung 2010 recon? thanks!)
Posted 3/30/2014 12:49:18 PM
Bro, paki upload naman yong Behold and Ponder, Thanks
Posted 3/19/2014 3:30:01 AM
thank you lord for giving us true music through this people..
Posted 3/13/2014 1:01:22 AM
a beautiful song .what are you waiting to all our bro & sis ,we are blessed inuulan tayo ng mga talented composer and talented in music instruments for God`s Glory ,download na sa iba pang hindi nkkadownload...cge..
Posted 2/25/2014 2:59:02 AM

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