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KateSteel Sharpens Steel (A Brother’s Conference)
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 4/14/2008 9:27:33 PM

How does a man’s purpose define his character?

My growing up years was probably one of the most exciting chapters of my life. I was raised by a single parent, my mother, who up to today thinks that I am still a boy of 11. I have a sister who was a year younger than I was and a brother who is 12 years my junior.  My sister and I were constant companions; we were the best of friends and the worst of enemies- I think that’s how siblings are anyways. I had no formal training on “how to become a man” aside from what my friends told me and how the world defined them to be. I remember coming home one day with a black eye and my mom asked me what happened, I told her that I got involve in a fist fight and I lost. She told me that she was going to teach me how to fight back, she did alright, but after that my friends would laugh at my fighting moves and karate chops- I can still hear them laughing up to now. As John Eldreged explained, "Deep in a man`s heart are some fundamental questions that simply cannot be answered at a kitchen table. Who am I? What am I made of? What am I destined for?"  My mom tried her all to instruct me to become a man, unfortunately it was not enough. 

More or less by now you can see that I grew up without a “man” in the house and that I had no male role models to look up too. Deep inside my heart I was longing for a father that will guide me and instruct me the essential knowledge of masculinity. I was sent to an all boys school from preparatory school up until I finished college. Ok, technically I studied in a coeducational university for a semester but then I got my girlfriend pregnant and was therefore sent back to an all male college, I was told by my mom that if ever I get somebody pregnant again in my new college she will not send me to school any more.  I was a varsity player for swimming since high school up until 3rd year college; I was an officer in a fraternity in my college and was ok- so I thought. Everything that I knew then as a young man was from friends and fraternity leaders. That was up until I joined the community.

I joined Youth for Christ back in 1996, SFC in 99 and CFC in 2003; Nothing dramatic really happened; it was an experience unlike that of St. Paul’s. My conversion was simpler, I just found myself surrounded by men who are prayerful, peaceful and whose main goal was to please God. I realized that I am a new creation in Christ, and that I was called to be a saint, a holy one, a son of God. That in the core of my being was a good man, that I already had a “man” for a model, Jesus Christ.

Brothers, only steel can sharpen steel, let us surround ourselves with men that are after God’s heart. To be a man of God is to be a follower of God. We invite you to attend a “Spiritual Workout”, now is the time to let our soul do the lifting. Attend the brother’s conference on the 27th of April and be transformed from boys to men, men of Christ. Find a wound to heal, seek an adventure for the Lord, fight a battle for Christ and there’s a beauty to rescue all the time. Find your purpose as a man, be defined by His love and be a man for Christ.   

Kakasa Ka Ba? (You’re the Man II), April 27,2008 @ Manila, Philippines

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Good morning Bros and Sis,
Can I have a copy of this talk?
I plan to have a brothers forum in my chapter and looking for a talk outline that will fit for the brothers.

Please sent it my email address: rickycomandam@yahoo.com
Posted 12/11/2009 7:17:51 PM
i wanna join this conference... meron po bang number na pwedeng ma-contact for inquiries? please email me at cesargallano@yahoo.com or txt 09277927047.. thanks!
Posted 4/21/2008 7:58:21 AM

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