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Believe. Trust. Obey
Posted by Danielle Shaina Flores on 2/15/2013 9:28:41 PM


This day is more than just listening, it is about learning to apply the Word in our everyday lives. SFC members start day 2, in Ninoy Aquino Stadium, 8am, in order to be empowered through the workshops. Adrian Enaje prepares the heart of the people, through the worship.

BELIEVE (Faith of the mind)

Most Rev. Bishop Bacani starts off the second day of SFC ICON by enriching the minds and hearts of our brothers and sisters on the meaning of Nicene Creed, seeing this as a symbol of our Catholic Faith. Through this, people can see that we are strongly Catholic. In order to properly embrace the faith that we have, Bishop Bacani starts to explain what it means to have Catholic Faith.

"Our creed is not just recited it is a concrete PROFESSION OF FAITH, starting with the words "I BELIEVE". To say I believe means one accepts it to be true." Through using the participation of the crowd, Bishop Bacani effectively points out the three ways of knowing, zoning towards the third way of knowing which is BELIEVING.

"We all have an option to believe. However when it comes to God, God is always believable. We know the truth not because of evidence, not because of reasoning but because God says so. Our senses and our mind is nothing compared to power of His Word." Bishop Bacani explains. 559903_619968378018527_771535756_n

To clearly explain it further, He ends this part powerfully by saying "Is love seen? There are indications seen but more than this love needs to be believed"

TRUST. (faith of the heart)

"Faith is also Pagtitiwala. Trust and Confidence." Bacani demonstrates the essence of trust through a trust fall. Amusing the entire audience, Bacani points out the trust we ought to have in God, stating that God is all powerful and loving. Thus, we have no reason not to trust.

"God will make sure that if we trust Him and we put our lives in His hands, He will not let evil win over us". Through this, Bishop Bacani passionately affirms the crowd to relentlessly trust God with the totality of our lives. This is a concrete profession of our faith through the value of trust.

OBEDIENCE (faith of the hands of hand)

Starting from the faith of the mind by believing, and going next to the faith of the heart which is trusting, Bacani then moves to the most essential part of faith which is the faith of the hands and feet, which is by OBEYING. "It is nothing to believe for even the devils believe. It is important that one must obey."

"When you have faith, it means 'Lord I give myself to you - mind, heart, hands and feet, body and soul' ". This is faith. To have faith is to be SINGLES for CHRIST, not only through our lips but with our lives. To have faith means to live our lives knowing that we belong to God.

Coming from the Nicene Creed, Singles for Christ ought to realize that this is more than just a profession of faith with our words, but an expression of faith through our lives.

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Very inspiring.. Na remind ako as a catholic Christian. About sa aking faith.. Nakakainspire Lang to move forward in serving God with the help of the Holy spirit.
Thak you singles for Christ community. Naging instrumento kayo ni Lord para sa akin.
Posted 2/15/2013 11:23:36 PM

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