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Kate"The Invitation" - Session 1 of the 13th SFC ICON in Manila
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 2/15/2013 9:54:41 AM



“More than a celebration, this weekend is also an invitation to the Eternal Union with God,”  missionary JQ Quimpang said as he gives the first session entitled “The Invitation” of the SFC 20th ICON.  ”Our Ultimate destination is heaven,” he added.

The Invitation is about our intimate and constant exchange of love with God.  This union is a heavenly marriage wherein we are called to embrace our earthly journey as a transit to our final home.


We respond to God’s invitation through our vocation and our conviction to choose Him every time.

Union is the image of a vine and it’s branches.  The best image of union is Marriage.  And it is the best representation between God and His relationship  His children.  The marriage between Jesus Christ and the Church.  We are the church.  But this relationship is not easy, we will encounter a lot of sacrifices and hardships.  As SFCs, as we finish our CLP, and as we go out of our venues, we face a lot of temptations.  But then let us remember that we have the Holy Spirit in us, to guide us and to be with us.  It is our decision to CHOOSE God every moment.

The Wedding in Cana is a great reminder for us of the invitation of God in our lives.  Through our vocation, and through our SFC we journey and live out our calling.

Our Vocation – Our great reason to continue this journey is to live out our VOCATION which serves as the blueprint to fulfill our ETERNAL UNION with God to whom our heart truly belongs.

This is our HOPE and our consolation.  The pleasures of this world are foretastes or icons of the infinite joys that awaits us in heaven.  Let us thank God for inviting us to partake in this beautiful plan.  The Bible begins with the matrimony of Adam and Eve and ends in the eternal union of Christ and His Church.  This is the invitation that God is raring for us to accept.

The whole session was given through a “LiveLoud” session of praise and worship.


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