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AizaSFC ICON 2013: FAQs
Posted by Aiza Garnica on 1/15/2013 1:21:14 AM


1. When is the deadline of registration?
A: Online registration is until today (January 15), 11:59PM. Payments can still be remitted until January 18. For bank transactions, make sure that you go back to your registration and add the payment details. 

2. Will there be extended/walk-in registration?
A: We highly discourage that and it hasn't been discussed yet. Everyone is encouraged to register today (and pay until January 18). 

3. There is no BPI near our area. Where else can we deposit?
A: Here are the official bank accounts of CFC: 
Account Name: Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc. 

a. BPI SA: 3103-3205-76
b. BDO SA: 6810020704
c. PNB SA: 369-993-800-022
d. CHINABANK: 129-090-271-3

4. I availed the promo rate (P1,200 with free shirt during the MMC, RECONs, MMLA, MC). How can I register for the sub-event (Pre-ICON, CCC, GLS)? 
A: You may deposit your payment and send the deposit slip, list of registrants, and area toaizagarnica@sfcglobal.org on or before January 20. Secretariat will register in your behalf. 

5. My transaction is still PENDING, how can I register for the sub-event (Pre-ICON, CCC, GLS)? 
A: You may deposit your payment already. Just keep your deposit slips and register for the sub-event once your ICON registration is already confirmed. Deadline of registration for sub-events is extended (to accommodate those with pending transactions). Better yet, as you register for the ICON, register for the sub-events too. That way, you will only have one pending transaction. 

Memos have been released since October. They are also uploaded online. Those who haven't received any memo yet, kindly access them through the following links: 

See you all in Manila for the grandest SFC celebration yet!

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good day!

hi, i brought this up last year, after i attended RECON.
i paid my Reg.for ICON in MARAGUSAN Re-Con, since i am from
SFC Davao. i cant find my name on CFChomeoffice; since thru Sub-Events i can do my Accomodation, Activities or talks that i wanted to attend to.

my name is Sheryl Ann C. Zozobrado, from Central A, Davao Cluster. pls
let me know, thanks.

Posted 1/29/2013 1:49:46 AM

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