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AizaSFC Las Vegas Conducts Intimacy Weekend in Northern California
Posted by Aiza Garnica on 12/22/2012 11:07:06 PM


SFC Las Vegas and NorCal leaders have conceptualized a Pastoral Formation strategy during the SFC Leaders’ Summit last August 26, 2012 in Los Angeles. It was initially planned that SFC Las Vegas will lead the Intimacy Weekend in NorCal and SFC NorCal will lead the Knight’s Tale and Princess’ Diary in Las Vegas.  The plan was presented to and was approved by Tito Pepot Calanog, SFC Regional Head.

The Intimacy Weekend Team, composed of 9 members, arrived Friday night in 2 groups (5 by air and 4 by land), including a Couple Coordinator, Tito Nelson Digal. The Team was hosted at the home of Tito Mauril & Tita Josie Mariano who also coordinated this weekend retreat.  A total of 45 (21 Brothers and 24 Sisters) attended.

On December 1, 2012, Dwight & Iris Arenos, who just transitioned to CFC, led the Registration and were among the first arrivals with Tito Jess & Tita Mila Empeynado (CC from Fremont) at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Pleasanton.

Paul Malig and Leslie Ragodos, both SFC-LV Unit Leaders were the Team Leads of the retreat.  After the Welcome remarks of Tito Mau, the Opening Worship was led by Angelo Penuela.  The first talk, “The Quest for True Love”, was given by Leslie Ragodos.  The second talk, “Looking for Love in the Wrong Places”, was delivered by Sheldon Ragodos. Ronald Gacusan gave the third talk, “Hope and Redemption in Christ”.  The fourth talk, “Dating with Purpose and Purity” was given by Kuya Chris & Ate Kristine Palileo, a young CFC couple from Sacramento. After the talk, both Kuya Chris & Ate Kristine coordinated the Open Forum which became an avenue of enlightenment to SFC attendees on how they will deal with situations with high moral values. The night ended with a closing prayer at 11PM.

A heavy rainy Sunday started with a Holy Mass at St. Raymond Parish in Dublin, wherein SFC members were welcomed by the Mass celebrant Fr. Michael and the Parish Pastor Fr. Lawrence.  

After breakfast, the Opening Worship was led by Fernando Enrile of SFC-Fremont. And then the fifth and final talk, “Destined for Intimacy, Called to be a Gift” was given by Tito Nelson Digal. After the main talk, the SFC brothers and sisters were separated for PEP talks led by Tito Nelson for the brothers and Tita Cynthia Paras for the sisters.  As a concluding rite, the SFC brothers and sisters were honored and prayed for by each other.

Tito Pepot ended the retreat with a Closing Remarks and an encouragement to SFC NorCal members to attend the Knight’s Tale and Princess Diary in Las Vegas on March 9-10, 2013.  And then a Praisefest was concluded by Eladio Badidoy. And a closing prayer by Tito Pepot.

By Mauril Mariano 

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God bless/T2Mau
Posted 1/3/2013 12:15:59 AM

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