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AizaSFC Northern California: Back-to-Back Teaching Night with Mike Serapio
Posted by Aiza Garnica on 9/25/2012 1:58:59 AM


Mike Serapio gave a back-to-back teaching night to Northern California CFC-Singles for Christ at the CFC-Pastoral Center in Fremont last Sep 12-13, 2012.  Both nights were attended by over 30 SFC’s and couple coordinators from the Bay Area to a distant Tracy and Sacramento (an hour and a half travel).

Day 1 – Sep 12: SFC Teaching on Evangelism (Only for the Brave)

The night started with praise and worship led by Ruzer Nagal, SFC Unit Head, with an opening exhortation from last Sunday’s Gospel, “ . . . ‘Ephphatha!’ – that is, ‘Be Opened’ . . . “. The Music Ministry was led by Julz Roberto and Jam Pineda. The talk was immediately started and at the end the message is clear that evangelism is building our Christian value and that we should be bold to proclaim and spread the Gospel.  SFC’s must be a good model to reflect the image of Jesus! Shay Serapio later shared her experience being a wife of a full-time worker.  As a typical wife, she has lots of worries, but God provided them what they wanted beyond their expectations.  She specifically mentioned about having their dream wedding, debt free and even ended up having extra money for their honeymoon.  God is Great – Jehovah Jireh, the Great Provider. The night ended with light snacks provided by San Jose/Milpitas Chapter (assisted by Iris Avena-Arenos) and fellowship.

Day 2 – Sep 13: Worship Workshop

Full blown Music Ministry was set up with Van Albinto on drums, Julz Roberto and Jam Pineda on acoustic guitars, and Mark Mariano on bass guitar.  The Music Ministry started with a gathering song then Julz said an opening prayer that set a spirit-filled tone.  Mike then did the interactive talk with inspiring songs in between the talks.  He explained the importance of worship in our community life. The basic worship culture in CFC was emphasized by the presentation of the Table of Corporate Worship in CFC. Another important point he raised is the use of songs from our Glory Songbook.  This promotes unity and solidarity in our community.  After the talk, a typical praise and worship was demonstrated. After the singing in tongues, we listened to God’s message, and then followed by thanksgiving and petitions.

Tito Pepot Calanog, NorCal’s SFC Sector Head led the closing prayer and later on prayed-over Tito Mau Mariano, NorCal’s Interim PFO Sector Coordinator who celebrated his birthday, the same day. It was a touching moment as the birthday cake with lit candles was brought in after the birthday song.

We thank God for a spirit-filled teaching nights.  To God be the Glory.

By Mauril Mariano

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Thanks Kuya Mike and Ate Shay!

You guys were a real good breathe of fresh air for the NorCal family! we thank you so much for helping us out!

i`ll see you in the Vineyard of the Lord! To God be the glory always and forever! Amen!

Posted 9/30/2012 10:09:32 AM

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