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AizaPrayer Power Against the RH Bill
Posted by Aiza Garnica on 8/1/2012 11:22:37 PM

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Mga kapatid,

At this time, you may be already be aware that the pending legislation on the RH Bill has been certified as urgent by no less than President Aquino. He has said time and again, that we the people are his boss. That being the case, WE MUST MAKE OUR STAND CLEAR. WE ARE AGAINST THE RH BILL BECAUSE IT IS ANTI-LIFE


The RH Bill undermines our Catholic faith and as such undermines what we believe as sacred. As Catholics and as Filipinos who believe in the dignity and the miracle of life, let us assert our overwhelming voice so that our president will be enlightened that Singles for Christ is one with the Filipino nation in declaring that we are AGAINST ABORTION and AGAINST CONTRACEPTION.  


In this light, we personally appeal to every member of SFC Metro Manila to join us for a PRAYER POWER RALLY this coming August 4, 1pm-7pm at the Edsa Shrine (details found below).  Our presence this Saturday is absolutely critical to the future of our nation. As the only remaining staunchly Catholic country in the world where marriage and the respect for life remain to be legally sacred, let us all peacefully but passionately band together with other Pro-Life advocates to pray for and call on our president and our legislators to heed the will of the Filipino Christians to STOP the enactment into law of the RH Bill and any ANTI-LIFE legislation. 


As advised by CFC Executive Director Tito Melo Villaroman, those who will be permitted to NOT join this prayer rally on August 4 are the following:


- Those with ongoing CLPs

- Those having activities in venues that have already been paid for


All others are being exhorted to attend.


God bless

Kuya Rob



Please wear RED or ABLAZE shirt.  Do NOT wear yellow or purple.


Please text me or Cech the estimated number of SFCs who will be attending on Saturday. 

PS: To kick off the prayer rally on Saturday, a prayer vigil will commence at 7pm today till noon of August 4 at the Edsa Shrine.


“Prayer Power Against the RH Bill

August 4, 2012

EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue

1:00PM to 7:00PM


Why are we doing this?

We reiterate that we are against the Reproductive Health Bill because both our Catholic faith and reason based on scientific research affirm that this is not the solution to our country’s problems, but rather will lead to both our moral and economic decline as a nation.

We encourage everyone to learn more about the RH Bill and how it is not the answer to the problems of poverty and “underdevelopment” in our country.  Furthermore, let us advocate a way of life that upholds the dignity of the human person created in the image and likeness of God.  (Please see attached.)

Reminders what to bring


1. Wear “Ablaze” shirt or any shade of Red (PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YELLOW OR the MMC PURPLE/VIOLET shirt)

2. Bring images of the Virgin Mother, rosaries and candles

3. Bring CFC sector banners, flags, conviction statements

4. Bring AM radios and tune in to Radio Veritas 846

5. Bring rain gear

6. Bring plastic bag for trash

7. Bring your family and friends

8. Bring yourself prepared (read the CFC Stand on RH Bill uploaded in the CFC website)


Reminders what to do


1. Proceed to the meeting places by 12 noon. 


West, Central, and  North Sectors – Greenhills Shopping Center; East and South Sectors – Crowne Plaza Hotel


Provincial areas can choose between the two meeting places.


2. Start marching by 12:30 towards stage area with images.


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