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Posted by Aiza Garnica on 7/31/2012 9:26:13 PM

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SFC… Celebrating Life, Love and Family!
 We celebrate the dignity and sanctity of every human life, from conception to natural death:
  • We believe that life begins from the moment of conception, the creation of the embryo from the fertilization of the female egg cell by the male sperm cell;
  • We condemn any manipulation and/or cooperation, by individuals or institutions, that brings any harm to the unborn child, causing deformities and/or death by induced or actual abortion;
  • We strive to promote good health by avoiding every kind of excess – abuse of food, tobacco, alcohol, or medicine (preventing drug abuse), including engaging in risky sports that endanger one’s life and/or the lives of others;
  • We support scientific and medical research that contribute to personal healing or the advancement of public health, except if these, in any way, damage the integrity of the body and the sanctity of the spirit;
  • We support work for peace and restorative justice to bring about healing and redemption for both the offender/s and the victim/s of crime and violence;
  • We recognize the uniqueness of every human person and responsibly preserving the sacredness of human life even of sick or handicapped persons, avoiding any form of suicide or euthanasia.
We celebrate our sexuality as male and female created in the image and likeness of God:
  • We believe that, from the womb, God made us into his image to be male or female, differently yet equal in dignity as his sons and daughters in Christ;
  • We embrace our true masculine and our true feminine identities as we cooperate in genuine complementarity in building up the Kingdom of God;
  • We live in chastity, conduct ourselves in modesty, and encourage healthy Christian friendships, being aware that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit;
  • We condemn pornography in all its forms, because it degrades human sexuality and results to lust, masturbation, fornication, prostitution, rape and homosexual acts;
  • We guard our hearts against impure thoughts and moral permissiveness, working for the purification of the social climate in encouraging responsible communications media.
We celebrate the sacredness of marriage and our participation in building the Christian family:
  • We believe that the sexual act is reserved for the committed love between one man and one woman, sealed in the sacrament of marriage, as a symbol of God’s unity and fecundity;
  • We defend the sacred and indissoluble covenant of marriage, working for the grace of conjugal love and fidelity and protecting it from the attacks of divorce, adultery, polygamy, incest, free unions and trial marriage;
  • We recognize that every child is a gift from God, and every means to reduce sterility in marriage is encouraged, except in techniques that replace the marital embrace as the means to conceive a child (surrogate pregnancy, sperm or egg donation, homologous and heterologous artificial insemination and fertilization) (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2376-2379);
  • We promote responsible parenthood in the regulation of procreation through periodic continence only and not through selfish actions that render procreation impossible (artificial contraception);
  • We work to strengthen the bonds within the Christian family, between husband and wife, between parents and children, and among siblings – starting with our own family.
We celebrate our freedom to practice our Catholic faith based on our family and life values:
  • We stand against any form of coercion by government or private institutions or personal-interest groups that forces people to agree on practices that violate the dignity of the human person, the sanctity of human life and the sacredness of marriage and family;
  • We support and seek to develop programs that educate the public, especially the Catholic faithful, on the moral responsiveness on the different aspects of pro-life and pro-family issues.
As Singles for Christ we aim to live and promote a culture of life according to God’s plan and purposes as taught by our Mother Church, and to be living examples of a life of responsible freedom and purity of body, mind, heart, and soul. We call upon and rely on the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to do all these, anchored on a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and inspired by the example of our Mother Mary, our intercessor and guide.


Official Statement from SFC International Coordinator: 

Dear Fellow Filipinos, 

CFC Singles for Christ urgently renews its stand against the RH Bill and its commitment to life.

The forces that are pushing to have the RH Bill passed into law are blind to the impact of similar bills in other countries. While appealing to a sense of “progressiveness” and modernity, the bill directly attacks values central to the Filipino family and specifically, to womanhood.

We propose to our fellowmen and to our legislators:

1.) Champion family planning methods that strengthen Filipino marriages. 
Contraception destroys the bond of love and trust between couples. Aside from this seemingly intangible effect, research shows that contraceptives cause cancer, irregular bleeding, and depression, among others. At heightened risk to women, the RH Bill is hardly “empowering women” nor is it really looking after “maternal health.” As future mothers and fathers, we Singles for Christ, believe natural family planning methods show true respect and honor, not just for the human body, but for the human person.

2.) Uphold the right to life of the most powerless person, the unborn. 
Singles for Christ believes that total human liberation should not be limited to human persons who are able to articulate their own aspirations, but extends to the tiniest human being, whom the RH Bill proposes we should all be “empowered” to annihilate at will.

3.) Use government funding for poverty alleviation not for contraception. As a community dedicated to working with the poor, we believe that state funding should be given to more pressing national concerns like poverty and corruption and NOT to institutionalize contraceptives as “essential medicines”, as if pregnancy were a disease.

We may not be parents at present, but we have a huge stake in the future state of the Filipino family. It is for our yet to be born children that we oppose the RH Bill. Again, CFC Singles for Christ reiterates that it has been and will always be on the side of life, and decidedly against the RH Bill. We humbly enjoin our legislators to uphold the interests of their unborn constituents and work so that the best choices are given to the Filipino people.

Michael Ariola

International Coordinator
CFC Singles for Christ 

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