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KateShare your MMC experience to BLESS others
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 7/23/2012 7:36:13 AM

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MCC last weekend is indeed a blessing us.

Share how the Lord has touched to you and talked to you last MMC. 

Let everyone be BLESSED!

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one word describes my last MMC experience.. "Enlightened"!
Posted 7/29/2012 3:24:00 AM
one word describes my last MMC experience.. "Enlightened"!
Posted 7/29/2012 3:23:53 AM
Sharing: 2012 Metro Manila Conference

Words presented before the members of Singles for Christ from Central B, Sector Assembly in Padre Pio Chapel, St. Francis Church, Madaluyong City; July 26, 2012

That was my first time to participate in the MMC // As usual as expected / masaya / inspiring and then paguran pag-uwi / So tipikal lang // Maraming kwento sa gitna ng more than 4 hours na byahe / In fact / may mga relationship na nabuo tulad ng kay Bro. Carlo at Princess Edna // ‘yung kwento sa chapter nalang muna namin / I believe sa ibang chapter may ganito ring kwento // May mga salita rin na nagkaroon ng bagong kahulugan tulad ng ‘reflection’ // hindi ito yung contemplation ha / yung tahimik ka na nakapikit at nagiisip tungkol sa sarili mo / Pareho lang din naman to talaga nong reflection na alam ng marami / kasi nakapikit din / ang kaibahan nga lang dito / nakapikit kasi natutulog ka na dahil sa antok sa talk ng speaker // Opppsss… walang turuan / malamang hindi lang San Roque ang guilty dito kundi lahat ng Chapter sa Sector natin // Naluma na rin nga pala ‘yong GG / ang bago BB Best Blessing which is si Jesus Christ / Kaya sobrang striking n’ong finlash sa screen ‘yong “Di baling walang GG, basta may BB.” // Sa isang Eucaristic mass naman / binigyan ni Father ng meaning ‘yong bawat letter sa salitang ‘Blessed’, … Ang masaya rin sa Chapter namin / nagkaroon kami ng deal na for the entire weekend (yon nga yong sa MMC) / alipin ng sisters ang mga brothers at prinsesa ang mga sisters // simple lang / dapat alalayan ng brothers ang sisters sa lahat ng pagkakataon / pwedeng abusuhin ng sisters at bawal magreklamo ang brothers // Maganda rin ang MMC dahil opportunity rin yon for the professionals and students na umatend / to relax and have their chilax break // malayo sa baho ng Manila at pahinga sa stress sa office / We also visited ‘yong bahay ng dati naming Chapter Head / si Kuya Jerry / do’n kami nag-lunch / masarap mala-buffet ‘yong kain namin // Masaya nga rin pala ‘yong pilgrimage / picture picture sa bawat simbahan na binababaan namin although partly nagmukang museum ‘yong isang sacred place // Anyways / after all ang MMC talaga / naging kombinasyon ng team building / out-of-town vacation / one-to-one for those na may mga conflict sa kanilang brothers or sisters // Pero ang nakalipas na MMC is far more than these things // So much for humor / MMC is a total learning experience and more of wandering on our spiritual self…

The 2012 Metro Manila Conference with its theme / ‘Blessed’ / is nothing but a contemplation and reflection on the words of St. Paul which is based on his letter to the Thessalonians // “Be joyful always / pray all the times / and be thankful in all circumstances…”

Part ng workshop ‘yong we have to reflect about our own blessings / and so I want to share with you ‘yong akin // “Every day I shall be blessed / for the mere fact that God waked me up this morning I am blessed // It’s like He telling me / ‘Arthur your life should go on…’ / My Lord God blessed me with this life / maybe / a life with bitterness / heartaches / and failure / because he wants me to learn and grow and realize what life really is // Without these hurt and pain / frustration and struggles / I may not be able to appreciate and aspire heaven / Isipin n’yo ‘to / what is heaven for if it is just like earth?

Ang pinaka essence ng series of talk sa MMC ay walang iba kundi / the call for us na maging mababaw / in a sense na para maapreciate natin ‘yong mga simpleng bagay o biyaya mula sa diyos // Our response to our calling na “Be joyful always…” most of the time ay nakadepende sa second phrase / “Pray all the times…” / (Further clarify) When we pray / palagi tayong may hinihingi / and we will be contented and will be comfortable kasi nga nagdasal na tayo / we have this ‘faith’ in God na ibibigay n’ya yong hinihiling natin / Ang masama / madalas kapag hindi natupad o hindi binigay / admit it or not / nagre-resent tayo sa diyos // Ang natatandaan kong mga salita sa Session 3 na ang title ay ‘Prayerful’ / ay ito // Prayer is not a free lunch / you have to pay / At ang payments for this are responsibility, discipline, commitment, love…

Pagtapos iparealize sa amin that we are blessed no matter how poor our situations are / sinabi rin sa MMC na hindi dapat yon doon humihinto // Sabi nga do’n sa phrase / Born to bless / Live to serve / anointed to sacrifice // Anong ibig sabihin nito / simple lang / na simula nang tayo ay ipanganak we are already blessed / kung tayo ay isinilang na puno ng biyaya mula sa diyos / tayo rin naman ay dapat mamuhay na naglilingkod sa ating kapwa / by doing sacrifices // Only in this way that we could bless others.

There will be no initiative on us to do service to others without our submission to God / Kaya tayo ay tinawag na maging submissive muna sa Diyos // May mga inenyumeryt sa talk na ‘Essentials of Submission’ at ‘yon nga yong humility / obedience / and trust // At sabi no
Posted 7/26/2012 10:53:50 PM
Serving the MMC was indeed a blessing to me, I was able to enjoy the service and listen to the talks, the one affirmation that God told me that weekend is that he will bless those who answered His call.
As trainee for full time pastoral worker of SFC, God continues to remind me of the decision to have joy in everything that I do. The 3 sessions with workshops also enables me to be guided and guarded to what I have or my relations to God.
Indeed, that weekend was a blessing. I am forever grateful!
Posted 7/26/2012 3:02:06 AM
Often in our lives, we just want God to be clear and tell us exactly what he wants us to do! The funny thing is that He has told us numerous times, so why don`t we do it? The better question is, why do we not do what God has asked us to do?

The most important thing as believers we constantly live in the tension between, `being" & "doing". What we often forget is that the "things we do" should ALWAYS flow out of our relationship with God and man and really is of no benefit if we re not "being" who God wants us to be.

Though uncommon and unfit in our culture, Jesus calls each of us to a faith that is RADICALLY TRANSFORMING in nature.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Amen


And with that may God be praised.

Posted 7/26/2012 12:43:42 AM

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