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KateSFC Manila...Ready for the MMC!
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 7/13/2012 8:43:28 AM



Everyone is getting ready and excited for the SFC Metro Manila Conference this July 20, 2012. Around 2400 registered and more are asking if they can still join. 

The first Pilgrimage in a conference for this MMC also is getting exciting. There are around 460 delegates registered. Despite the fact that they will leave Manila early morning 5am to Quezon Province, yet many are excited and long to prepare spiritually for the MMC through this pilgirmage.   

This conference will be a retreat type of conference where everyone will consciously seek the Lord and listen to his words for us in a very personal way. The sessions will be our guide in listening and discovering God’s word and will for us. There will be more time in silence, reflection and just being with the Lord. Activities and sessions are prepared in a way to guide and support everyone to come to that posture of stillness and quietness of heart to truly hear and see what God is telling us personally and as a community. 

 Everyone is encouraged to join all parts of the conference from start to finish to truly experience the fullness of God’s grace that waits for us all in this conference.


Everyone is also asked to BRING the following:



3. PEN



Everyone is also encouraged to PREPARE spiritually for this conference. In the next 1 week spend time in prayer, hear mass, pray the rosary and if possible go to confession. A prepared heart will truly see the Lord. God will indeed return the favor to us in forms of graces as we truly seek to find Him with all our heart.


Let us all be BLESSED!

See you in Lucena! To the Pilgrims, see you in the Pick up point early morning on July 20, 2012. 



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Mary Jane
Mary Jane
thank you LORD for using the SFC community to hear your word. Excited to meet you and to talk to you through this conference. I LOVE YOU LORD..may you guide all of us, the pilgrims, delegates for a safe travel. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. PRAY without ceasing and give THANKS in all circumstances.
Posted 7/17/2012 3:36:52 AM

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