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Posted by Ma. Katherine Guaño on 3/17/2008 6:18:45 AM


“SFC is the place to be, I am home ‘coz Christ is with me!”

This chant rocked the whole of Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary Gym last March 15, 2008 where 1000 SFC leaders gathered for the SFC Metro Manila Leaders Assembly (MMLA). “This is the biggest MMLA ever,” said Jane Nagrampa who always coordinates the registration committee of SFC Metro Manila activities. The atmosphere last Saturday was overwhelming as the spirit of the recently held SFC ILC was still very much alive in every person who was there.

The powerful worship led by Dennis Montelealto, a chapter head of Central A, set the tone for the whole activity. The emcees, Erwin Robles and Cathy Book also from Central A, together with the SFC Dance Ministry and the Central A Music Ministry, roused the crowd through chanting and dancing.

The main session of the MMLA was the Lenten recollection given by Fr. Tito Caluag. He was a former Jesuit who now found his place serving as a priest in the Diocese of Imus. He talked about how awareness and consciousness help people gain meaning in their lives. He mentioned that 80% of the lives people live are out of expectations – how they are supposed to act and what they are supposed to do. “Our day to day lives pull us in different directions that make us disintegrated. That is why we need awareness and consciousness of what the core of our lives is,” Fr. Caluag explained. “We should live out of choice and not just out of expectations,” he added.

The recollection made everyone realize that Jesus himself became aware and conscious of His own identity and mission. His identity is that He is the Father’s Son and His mission is to please the Father. The identity and mission of every Singles for Christ leader is also the same and has a relation to the Paschal Mystery as well.

On Holy Thursday, Jesus made His conscious choice to fulfill His Passion – to be the beloved Son by doing the Father’s will. That was why he was led to the cross. SFC members and leaders should discover what their passion also is. Their passion is what they live for, what they are willing to sacrifice for, or even what they are willing to die for. It is one’s deepest love or greatest desire in life. For some, it may be to serve, to make this world a better place, or to bring people to God. Whatever it may be, the greatest expression of one’s passion is to live for what he/ she loves.

Fr. Caluag reminded everyone that the basis of Jesus’ choice is love. This is the whole message of the cross. As Mother Teresa said, “We don’t do great things. We do only little things with great love.” The Resurrection showed human love transformed into divine love. It aims to make everyone become loving people.

The activity ended with praying over the birthday celebrants showing the love and support of the community for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Upcoming events were also announced including a concert to be hosted by West B sector entitled REVOLT (Cross lover) on March 30, 2008. Another event to look forward to is the “She’s All That” Women’s Conference and “You’re the Man” Men’s Conference which will be held simultaneously on April 27, 2008.

SFC Metro Manila leaders left the MMLA fired up with the challenge to fill the world with more love all their lives through. – MK Guaño

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Hi, Good Morning mga kapatid!

Nice logo, could please add that to the downloadables so we could have it as backgrounds for our SCOM team, also padagdag din ng mga ibang LOGOs.

Thanks and A Joyous Easter Sunday!
Posted 3/22/2008 6:10:57 PM
Indeed, it is a great experience to be with GOD all the time!

I am thanking GOD for this MMLA which led me to understand more how GOD loves us by sending HIS only SON to redeem us from death.

It made me realize my worth, passion and mission as GOD`s child. I am looking forward for the next MMLA!!

Posted 3/17/2008 6:14:04 PM

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