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KateJesus is raised from the dead- Let us rejoice! - Bishop Tagle
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 4/8/2012 10:38:04 PM

“A blessed Easter to all of you!

“Jesus is raised from the dead. In His resurrection, we now know where human history finds its culmination—in sharing the very life of God. The resurrection is not a return to human earthly life, a life still subject to evil and destruction. The life that the Risen Christ now possesses is God’s very life. That is why He will not die again. Sin has no more power over Him. In Jesus the Risen One, we are assured that God was, is, and will be victorious over sinfulness, viciousness, wickedness, corruption and violence. The Resurrection exposes and shatters the illusion of evildoers. Evil will never prevail over good!

“Let us rejoice! But let our rejoicing bring about conversion. As Jesus has died to sin and risen to life in God, we should also die to sin and live for God. Easter joy leads us to an examination of our individual and communal lives. From the tombs of hunger, ignorance, discrimination, insensitivity, selfishness, greed, and pride, let us allow God’s love to rise and be our life. Let it not be said that we chose death over God who is life.

“I pray that the Risen Christ may be our Way to true life—life in and for God!

Archbishop of Manila

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