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KateSFC Kapamilya Princess Diaries
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 3/4/2012 7:43:54 AM

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“We are Princesses- daughters of our God, the King. We are beautiful and we are captivating” - These were the statements the sisters of the SFC West B- ABS CBN Kapamilya Chapter claimed in their Princess Diaries Retreat on March 3-4, 2012.


In the contemporary age of equality, challenged gender roles and the rise of the modern woman, it is easy to forget what God’s intention for woman is. It is not uncommon for many of us struggling daughters of God to lose direction or feel unfulfilled in one way or another. We go on with our daily lives seeking purpose or justifying our actions. We compromise what we know is right for what we think is easy. However as royalty in God’s family, our father does not want us to settle for mediocre, He wants to give us the treasures of His Kingdom- Heaven.


The first session of the retreat addressed the truth about the beauty of our identity- we are made in God’s image and likeness. Therefore to know thyself, we were urged to know our God, to know God is to know his heart and to know His heart is to know His desires for us. In session two these desires were realised and we were made to understand the heart of the woman. We were told that “He [God] planted Basic desires that not only echo our feminine design but also reveal God’s own desires for us”.


Session three- Pierced Hearts however, exposed the jealousness of the evil one and his plot to convince us otherwise of our worth. The devil has cunning ways to contra the greatness that our King wants to share with us and has planted lies that separate us from our loving father. This must have been the heaviest session as we were exposed to the truths and realities of our past and current situations. These lies affect our actions, which in turn reflects our relationships with others and most especially with our Lord. But our God is a loving God, who provides us with healing and renewed hope and through the sacrament of confession we allowed our hearts to be cleansed. During the times we feel unworthy, we repel the love of God and we miss out on achieving His plans for us. This retreat was a call, an eye opener to the invitation that God has been sending us for quite some time – an invitation to open our hearts to Him and accept His love, accept our image as His likeness, accept our role as His princess as well as accept the responsibility only we can fulfil. As our mother Mary said ‘yes’ and allowed Christ to work through her, we are similarly challenged to submit to His will by allowing Him to Love us- as in truly love us.

Although I personally am not part of the SFC ABS CBN chapter, I was blessed enough to experience this retreat with other Princesses of our King who have testified their own stories with Christ. I was touched to meet sisters who emanate the beauty that Christ is revealing through them and I was also humbled to see that although I came to the retreat without knowing a single person, God used the sisters of the ABS CBN Chapter as instruments to hear His invitation.


We all desire happiness; we all want our ‘happy ever after’ in the KINGdom of our Father. These desires are there because they can and are meant to be met- but we should allow first GOD to fulfil our desires.

Written by: Kay Bollas
"Kay is a SFC Household Head in Sydney, Australia."

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