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AnneThe David’s Awards Night : SFC MMLA 2011 Year Ender
Posted by Anne Jayme on 12/5/2011 2:21:42 AM

Red carpet, flashes from camera’s everywhere, lovely ladies in sweet dresses, handsome gentlemen in suits, a classy mood of mingling with friends, perfect for party...It’s the last Metro Manila Leader’s Assembly for 2011... Yes! You heard it right… the last SFC Metro Manila Leader’s Assembly for the year and people really came dressed up to celebrate the evening. More than 700 leaders from Metro Manila gathered in the Meralco Multi Purpose Hall last 19 November 2011 for The David’s Awards Night - a night of worship, honouring and celebration of a blessed year for SFC Metro Manila. From last year’s Festive theme, the MMLA was inspired by no other than David. Next to Jesus, David was a king, a good leader, a shepherd, made after God’s own heart. His calling was just like our leader’s calling – to be a child of God, to be a leader, to be a pastor. The night started with the Youth Cross enthronement, followed by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Monsignor Allen Aganon who was also the first recipient of that night’s David’s Award – the David’s Shepherd Award for guiding us in our community life. Dinner became a venue of meeting new friends and sharing life blessings. Metro Manila is just awed on how God blessed the area and empowered each and everyone for the mission. The roster of David’s Awardees started with the Pastoral Formation Category. This category aims to honour all those who gave all their best to give the pastoral formation in their area. Represent award was given to Big East for representing and winning the Stomp Out Loud competition in the ICON last February. Learn award was given to Central C for rallying and having the most number of participants in the Theology of the Body series. The DO this award were given to Central A1 and South B1 for immediately cascading the Knight’s Tale and the Princess Diaries in their chapters. The Come awards were given to West B and Central C for having the biggest number of delegates last MMC and for having the most number of Chapter heads/leaders who attended the ICON and the MMC respectively. The Sacrifice award, under the Work with the Poor category were given to East A, East B, Central A, Central B, Central C, West A, and West B for wholeheartedly accepting the call to serve in the Cornerstone Schools outside their areas, waking up early every Saturday just to teach and learn with the kids. The Evangelization category on the other hand, aims to honour those who continuously responded to the call of Mission and Evangelization. The Evangelize award were given to East B for the most number of CLPs in the year; South A for the biggest growth in membership; Central A3C for bringing the community in Jollibee Corporate; Central A and B for opening the CLPs in the Rehabilitation center and South B for the CLP in Prison. The Empower award was given to North B for encouraging their leaders to empower themselves by attending trainings and summits and for sending the biggest delegation to SFC GLS in Thailand last October. Lastly, the GO awards were given to those who fearlessly answered the call to go on mission during the Back Packers Great Adventure namely: Bodenar Mananquil, Anthony Sacramed, Kristine Mapanao, Patrick Campos, Charles Yao, Manz Padilla, Dominic Barrios, Karen Lorico, Beth Comahig, Erick Abad, Raymond Villapena, and Lucy Lacsamana. The 12, together with 26 more CFCs and Sacs conquered 5 countries in the Greater Mekong Area witnessing God’s love in every people they meet. The Build award under the Household category, were given to East B Chapter Servants for consistently and constantly updating the Info system for their Household meeting and all other activities of their areas and the East B as well for being faithful in Tithing. The last two awards under the Lifetime Category were given to our SFC brothers and sisters who offered their lives in making everyone experienced Christ. The Witness award were given to our brethren who died this year due to sickness or accidents; Carlo Taneo of West B, Erick Espinosa of Central C, Janon Cudal and Alex Petilla of East A. The Declare award was given to Jee Ann De Guzman of North A who died because of crime and injustice. Their lives will always be a declaration of God’s love and mercy, and their death will always remind us on the urgency of our Mission. As the night comes to an end, Kuya Shok Arriola, SFC International Head, shared the Expanded SFC Vision to the leaders. He honoured everyone for giving their all, that though our climb was difficult, it was worth it after all. He encouraged everyone to continue to journey and to be a witness to all single man and woman as SFC becomes the next generation of CFC and build a Christ-centered society. It was a night of honouring, a night where not only individuals nor sectors were recognized. This year will not be a great year for Metro Manila without every Household head, Unit head, Chapter Heads/Leaders, Cluster Heads, Sector Heads, MM Heads, Mission Volunteers and Full Time Workers who worked hand in hand, served and continue serving passionately for God and our community. It was a night of honouring the source of all grace, our Great God, who loves us endlessly. Dear Father God, you are the BEST and we bring back the glory to You! (Beth Comahig SFC Metro Manila)

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