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KateSFC Specific Targets for 2012
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 11/14/2011 10:56:00 AM

SFC Specific Targets for 2012

 1. Growth in Holiness 
  • Strengthened and empowered households
  • Full implementation of at least the new (1st) stage of SFC`s Formation Program
  • Growth in percentage of tithe givers - target 20% of area membership and 100% in  leadership
  • 100% Enrollment in Info system by June 2012
  • Leadership Formation
  • Increase in number of FTWs of areas, sponsored by areas

2. Building the Church of the Home
  • Growth in Numbers - 40% increase in membership (CFC in their road map has targeted at least 1 recruit per member). Double our existing chapters (5 households = 1 unit, 5 units = 1 chapter), membership growth means growth in structure.
  • Actively evangelize immediate family members of our SFC`s.
  • Gateway Evangelization - Singles Night as our gateway program tackling the 4 areas of the single person (Lifestyle, Livelihood, Lovelife, Leadership). Continue with mall evangelization efforts, Takbo Para Kay Kristo examples..)
  • Increase number of parishes where SFC is serving
  • Transitions from YFC to SFC (our focus for 2012)

3. Building the Church of the Poor
  • Cornerstone will be our primary WWP in 2012. 100 schools in 2012 to tutor, 2000 volunteers.
  • Increase number of volunteers to at least 10 per chapter.
  • Create formations specifically addressing our Christ experience through the poor.
  • Review SFC`s involvement in SOCMIN (Prison and STMA)

 All these are specific targets for SFC as a whole. For more information about the SFC Area Road Maps and Directions, kindly contact your SFC Area heads, FTWs, leaders to give you a better guide in your respective chapter, cluster, sector planning for next year.

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