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ArbieTakbo para sa Puso (Run for a cause)
Posted by Arbie Padilla on 7/31/2011 2:23:39 AM

The recently concluded “Takbo para sa Puso”-run for a cause last July 24, 2011 at Quezon Memorial Circle was a big affirmation that with God nothing is impossible. He could turn our mourning into dancing and our problem into prosperity. Thank you seems so inadequate to show my gratefulness to His incredible mercy, love, goodness and compassion and to the 441 runners He used to bring His wonderful present for me. It was March of this year when I was advised that two of my valves (aortic and mitral) were severely damaged because of the rheumatic heart disease which I’ve got when I was 12. I was told that I need to undergo valve replacement (a cardiac surgery procedure in which a patient`s failing valve is replaced with an alternate healthy valve) at the soonest. I have gone to some institutions and people who could help me financially but was failed to get a recommendation. I had reached the point of wanting to give up because the situation seemed so hopeless and bleak. I got tired ensuing doctor appointments and laboratory tests and waiting in between for results and next steps alone. But on those shadowy days of doubt, confusion and weariness I could always feel the Lord hiding me in the cleft of the rock and in the shadow of His wings. He even sent me beautiful people holding me up. So instead of letting my faith be shaken by the situation, I let my heart rested to the Lord. I filled a loan in our office that would suffice my fund for my operation and my only prayer then was it to be approved. It never occurred to me that He would bring me greater present that would teach me to live in a place of joy while the weight of the moment is almost unbearable. The day when my loan was approved was also the day when my chapter head told me that their request for a fun run in Quezon City Circle was also approved. I suddenly experienced a rush of mixed emotions within me, gratefulness to the abundance of God’s love and doubt if I deserved such goodness from Him. When it was announced that there would be a fundraising for my benefit, it was so amazing to see how God worked through my brothers and sisters in the community. My reluctance of not pushing through the activity because of the apprehension that it might only add burden to them and my doubt if I deserve all the graces from Him were suddenly vanished when I saw everyone worked with zest and smile. They generously shared their time, talent and treasure to make the event possible. The feeling was so overwhelming that I am not only blessed with people who speak words of love and encouragement but also people who were willing to go beyond their boundaries to demonstrate God’s love for me. There was an out-pouring of help and prayers when the activity was finally posted in facebook. Hundreds of people confirmed their attendance and well-known sponsors and donors pledged their support. “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17 Truly God is so gracious, when I saw hundreds of people running on the day of the event I wanted to burst into tears because I knew on that very moment, everything was taken care of, so that I could concentrate on getting well. With the presence of the people who were dear to me and with each kind word and deed, I felt the Lord walking with me, embracing all my vulnerabilities and helplessness and healing all the wounds within me. In my life journey, what I have learned was that “Happiness is not being in the right or good condition but being in the right perspective”. All the zigs zags, bumps and jumps, twists and turns, it’s all part of this package called life. Adversity is inevitable but suffering is optional, I chose not to suffer but rather be happy of whatever God has given me. Thank you CFC-Singles for Christ! To God be the Glory! By Zairra Engracia

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