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KateSFC Comes Home
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 2/29/2008 12:43:33 AM

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The weekend of February 15-17 saw close to 6,000 men and women come Home to Christ in the 15th International Leaders` Conference held at Clark Expo in Pampanga. 

Entitled @Home, Singles in God`s Heart, the conference brought home not only the existing Singles for Christ members but became a venue for the homecoming of former SFC members – those who had moved on to CFC and the other ministries HOLD and SOLD. 

Friday night began with a festive commemoration of the years that were for SFC, creatively executed through song, dance and videos.  Members re-lived the days of the past through a Talk Show.  As various members and former members shared their lives, SFC came to realize how SFC had indeed shaped us into the people we are now, how the natural course of SFC life enabled us to easily share the joy of being in community with others, and how SFC should not rest until all the world will know of how it is to feel and be at home in Christ through community.

The first session on Saturday "Home in God`s love", given by Melo Villaroman, Jr.   (CFC International Council Member and the CFC Family Ministries Head) reminded us of how everything stems from the God who IS Love Itself; how this deep, full and encompassing love is enough to complete whatever is lacking in our lives; and how all we need to do is turn around from whatever sin or situation has taken over us, and we will find the Lord right in front of us, ready to welcome us back home with a most loving embrace.

"Journeying Home", was the second session, wherein speaker Sam Manuel (Regional Coordinator, SFC Middle East) reminded us that because of God`s profound love for each and every one of us, we should make it a point to love ourselves, too. She explained how through loving ourselves within the context of God`s love, we will find it easier to love others better as we begin appreciating our worth in God`s eyes, removing whatever stumbling blocks we may have in valuing ourselves as He does - as it dawns on us how beautifully He made us and in this beauty, the fulfillment of His plans in our lives and the lives of others will come to fruition.

The afternoon period was apportioned for SFC to take part in the "Disciples Institute", comprised of the 20 workshops designed to impart essentials on varying topics covering the areas of Love for God, Love for Self, Love for Neighbor and Love for Family.  Other singles opted to join the Creative Competitions and Sports Competitions.  Love truly filled the afternoon air as information, details, facts, fun, laughter, ingenuity, resourcefulness, skill, talent and sweat were all exchanged – the afternoon became an avenue that brought many brothers and sisters truly closer to one another.

The Saturday evening session began with the Lord`s Day, celebrated by SFC International Council Heads, Aldy and Joy Katigbak  – a fitting way to continue paving the journey home to God.  The Lord`s Day was capped by a Bounty Parade – a time for the various provinces to share with their brothers and sisters the fruit of the land.  Food, delicacies and sweets were passed on, offered freely, shared lovingly with one another as SFC observed a tradition of community sharing that was truly reminiscent of the time of the early Apostles. 

Immediately following the Lord`s Day celebration was Session 3 "Home, (Bitter) Sweet, Home" given by Joy Katigbak (SFC International Council Head).  In rapt attention to God`s Word, SFC learned how it is the Lord`s intention to rid us of the stigma of all our pains, of how it is not His intention that these pains wound us irreparably, of how these wounds can surprisingly be instruments of healing us of our vices, failings and faults if only we allow ourselves to respond to His healing ways.  During the healing session conducted by the speaker, many SFC found not only the healing of "release" but also the healing of "acceptance", drinking in deeply and fully of the abounding love of God.

Sunday fitfully started with the Holy Mass celebrated by His Lordship, Bishop Pablo David of Pampanga and concelebrated by Father Paul Uwemedimo.  It was at the end of the mass that the body prayed over the new SFC International Council Members (Aldy and Joy Katigbak, Eloy Caluag, Bob Lasala, Shok Ariola, Lawrence Quintero, Kate Deiparine and Taffy Ledesma) led by His Lordship. 

The conference`s last session, entitled "Lead them Home" – did just that.  Speaker Taffy Ledesma (SFC Intl. Council Member) exhorted man and woman, single and married alike to open their eyes to the ease of loving with God`s love, to the joy that awaits them as they do this, to the very purpose of our living our lives here and now as though we were already home.  He prompted us to realize that home is not a place or a person, it is simply being constantly united with God.  He allowed the Spirit to empower us to feel the need to bring this state of home to each and every person we meet, that all may experience True Home in Christ on earth.

The 15th SFC International Leaders` Conference resounded with God`s faithfulness and love in so many ways – as SFC saw the biggest turn-out in an ILC thus far - as SFC experienced the love of the other Family Ministries for indeed, the weekend was a collaborative effort of SFC, YFC, KFC, CFC, HOLD and SOLD full-time workers and volunteers – as SFC felt graced to have been in the presence of almost the entire CFC International Council Members, joining them in prayers and support - as SFC witnessed the way the Lord touched the hearts of close to 6,000 men and women, embracing not only each other but embracing the heart of God Himself, as these 6,000 men and women, finally and truly came Home.


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Indeed, a fitting event of moving out of last years Lamentations theme... huge number of delegates. I met a lot of my Cyberspace (KA-FRIENDSTER/KA-MULTIPLY) - SFC brothers and sisters!!! Powerful WORSHIP!!! Powerful Speakers!!! Powerful Talks & sharings!!! Powerful SFC International Council!!! Powerful ILC Service Team!!!

A one great EMPOWERING - JESUS MOMENT for me!!!
Posted 3/2/2008 12:02:38 AM
It was my 1st time joining ILC. The event was so great and very meaningful. The speakers are all blessed by GOD.

Thanks you so much for the team who gave their full talent and effort to organize that BIG EVENT.


See you in CEBU . . .
Posted 3/1/2008 1:40:48 AM

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