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Martha 1st MMLA of the year 2010
Posted by Martha Vinzons on 1/17/2010 9:24:39 AM

It may already be halfway into the month of January, but the community is still full of excitement and optimism for what the year has to offer.


Enveloped in this positive attitude, brothers and sisters from all over Metro Manila trooped to the San Carlos Minor Seminary last Saturday to welcome 2010.


The Metro Manila Leader’s Assembly started with a Eucharistic Celebration.  As it was an anticipated mass, the Feast of the Santo Nino was commemorated.


Fr. Gines Boada of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish (Sta.Mesa) gave a different take on the Santo Nino fever that we see all over the country. He said that the fascination for the Child Jesus may be a manifestation of an immature faith. This is so because people do not want to confront the realities that the adult Jesus represents. As such, the image of a worry-free Santo Nino holds more appeal than the image of Christ crucified on the cross. Fr. Boada then challenged SFC Manila to embrace what the adult Christ stands for – lovingly bears suffering, obedient - and at the same time be humble and forgiving like a child.


After the holy mass, Bro. Dict Jadulco led the opening worship. Before singing praises to the Lord, he exhorted the community to think of all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on each one last year and come up with resolutions for 2010. To be easily reminded of these resolutions, he asked everyone to save them in their mobile phones.

It being the start of the year, SFC Manila also offered their first fruits to the Lord.


A befitting topic was then discussed by Fr. Roderick Pacoma. To jumpstart the call to experience a full life in Christ, Fr. Pacoma talked about the Fullness of God’s Word. To underscore the importance of words, he gave examples of how biblical facts were distorted by children who misspelled or used different words altogether in their statements. Remember how the “epistles are the wives of the apostles”?


Fr. Pacoma explained how there can be different interpretations of the Word of God. While people find their way out of the literal meaning or strive to understand the intending meaning of the words in the bible, Fr. Pacoma stressed that what is most important is how we are affected by and how we respond to the Lord’s Words. He also reminded us that the beyond the words formed by letters, is the word that dwelt among us. Jesus, the Word Incarnate is the one and only foundation for a full life.


Dwelling on the fullness topic, SFC Metro Manila Head Lawrence Quintero then introduced the community’s theme this year. He gave insights to the lines from the anchor verse found in Colossians 2:6-7.


Eager to learn more about how the theme can be more relevant in their way of life, SFC Manila is looking forward to attending the 17th Singles for Christ International Conference next month in Davao.


Bro. Jojo Uligan who was in Davao when it was rocked by a magnitude 5 earthquake led the closing worship. He related that the experience is a reminder of the chances given to us by God and how we should not waste the opportunity to live a full life in Christ.


Needless to say  that through the MMLA, SFC Metro Manila was given its first dose of spiritual fullness in Jesus.

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