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Ma. KatherineSFC Jakarta - Christ Pursuit Weekend by Lady Sibuyon
Posted by Ma. Katherine Guaño on 12/5/2009 2:39:32 AM

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2009 has been a blessed year for SFC Canisius. With the grace of God our unit grew through hardworking and inspiring brothers and sisters that continuously aim to let every sinlge men and women experience Christ. It is just fitting to end the year with an out of town weekend last November 27-29 to have the Christ Pursuit Weekend at Saung Nini, Puncak that refreshed our mind and spirit of the great work that God has done for us. 

Excitement and Happiness filled my heart as I was ready to be spiritually nourished because I was always busy focusing on my career. Before the Big Day, our full time worker asked me to give the sharing to one of the talks. I said yes to her but at the same time nervous because I’m not a good speaker and my sharing might not be inspiring enough. As the day approached, I was ready to go but not ready to do the task that was asked of me. Going to the venue was a treat as it allowed me to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. It gave me time to reflect and be thankful to the blessings that the Lord has showered upon me this year. The first day allowed us to rest, settle and get to know the participants through ice breaker activities. As the day ended, it gave affirmation that I don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy all the activities. 

The early wake up call allowed us to have a common prayer time, making our communication to God more personal. As the cool wind blows and the beauty of nature in front of me, it allowed me to let go of my fears and trust the Lord that I will be able to do the work that he asks me of. I felt the wind embracing me to reaffirm that He loves me so much that’s why I’m in that place experiencing His love and sharing it with my brothers and sisters in the community. 

To add to the blessings that our unit is receiving, we are honored to have four SFCs from Manila that echoed the Christ Pursuit conference to our unit. The first talk was delivered by Kuya Empoy. He reminded us how God pursued us first and will never stop pursuing us. The sharing by my brother and sister in our household touched us on their life journey and is now actively pursuing God. The second talk was delivered by MK Guano and she shared that in pursuit of Christ we strengthen our relationship with Him. She asked us to write and reflect on our current pursuits in life and the moments in our life where we felt that Christ lovingly pursued us. The Emmaus walk allowed us to share our reflections and realizations to a fellow sister or brother.

As the third talk approaches, my heart begun racing very fast but Kuya Nemboy, the speaker for the third talk, affirmed that there’s nothing to worry as I need to only listen to his talk and deliver my sharing. As I was listening to the talk of Kuya Nemboy, I became enlightened of what God wants me to do. There are a lot of points in his talk that really hit me right on the spot. I began not to worry and just enjoy the talk of Kuya Nemboy. At that moment, I surrendered and believed that God already equipped me for my sharing. I don’t need to impress anyone, I just need to share the love that God has showed me in my life. I really didn’t know where the words came from but I was able to deliver my sharing more than what I have prepared. God really works in mysterious and majestic ways. The talk ended where we have to pray for our brothers and sisters personally and was really heart warming when they thanked me for my sharing. I was grateful to have a very affirming and loving brothers and sisters. As this is our year ender celebration, we ended the night with a Pajama Christmas Party. We played games and exchanged gifts. It was a great opportunity to bond and have fun with everyone. 

The following morning, we started the day with our common prayer time. Personally, I enjoyed my quiet time with God for it allowed me to just pour my heart in Him. I thanked Him for allowing me to be in that Christ Pursuit weekend and enriching me with the talks delivered by our brothers and sisters. After breakfast, we had a Men and Women Forum where we talked about understanding the opposite sex and loving them as people of God. The brothers and sisters honored each other through a presentation showing how they respect and love them. The final talk was delivered by Kuya Mheng, as a person with disability he shared how God loves him despite of his condition. Kuya Mheng became a source of inspiration to all of us because despite of the trials that he encountered he is still able to serve God in every possible way. He reaffirmed that God keeps on pursuing us because He loves us so much and will not stop until we are reunited with Him. The talk ended with a sharing from our full time worker in Indonesia. She was the one who asked me to give the sharing and I was really touched when she said that she was happy with how our unit grew and was proud with each and everyone of us. We are really thankful to her for the unit grew because of her determination and belief in us. 

            The retreat ended with our hearts burning with love and desire to continue to love as we go back to our everyday activities. The everyday worship allowed us to show our love for God without any hesitations and restrictions. This Christ Pursuit weekend has been very personal to me as it made me realize how God has been pursuing me all this time. Most of the time ignoring Him because I was too busy pursuing my dreams in life. I am just grateful and thankful that God never gave up on me that he even gave me a community that always reminds me how God loves us and will continue to love us unconditionally. We are all a work in progress and our journey will only be complete until we are with Him in His kingdom.

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rose marie
rose marie
Ang galing ni God, nakikita ko si God sa bawat smile ninyo! God is good!
Posted 10/20/2010 9:57:35 AM

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