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KateKnight`s Tale: A Call To Knighthood
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 10/23/2009 1:00:38 AM


By: Jarom Pinlac

“Are you willing and available to become a knight and uphold the values of faith, loyalty, and courage to serve God by serving his people?”  This was the question that challenged the brothers of the Singles For Christ in UK who attended the conference entitled A Knight`s Tale:  A Call to Knighthood, held last September 27, 2009 in Charing Cross Hospital Communal Hall.

The said event aimed to awaken and rekindle the sleeping spirit of our brothers who are lacking of love and desire to serve specially in the family of God.   Most men nowadays are too hesitant to join religious activities, conferences, and seminars to open up and share their ideas and feelings.  They also refuse to accept positions,  bigger responsibilities,  and challenges while others prefer to remain as “mere members” who wait and follow orders from women who according to survey,  are now dominating them in terms of numbers,  availability, dedication and commitment to serve.

This conference also served as an urgent and important call to all men.  To rise up and become honourable and faithful knight of God,  wear the armour of good and humble heart,  take the sword sharpened with great wisdom, and to be brave and courageous in spreading the Good News of great love and salvation God has for mankind.  


Prove your faith to Him, who is the King of all kings, and Lord of all lords and He will reward you with life forever in His kingdom...

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