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KateSFC UK Princess Diaries
Posted by Kate Deiparine on 10/23/2009 12:56:34 AM




It’s now been two weeks since the Princess Diaries conference. I know within myself that something special happened that day, but for some reason I couldn’t get around writing about it. The good thing is, it led me (once again) to reach a profound verdict that chocolate is not brain food. So, today I decided to stop overanalyzing and instead turn to the part of me that remembers best. Only then did it finally dawn on me that that’s exactly what the conference was about! My heart.  The heart of a woman.


What pierces my heart? My list read of rather old and petty, shallow wounds. Being the elder sibling, I’ve always been inclined to display strength of character. In high school, my best friends often advised me (in between sobs) to be careful around guys and to guard my heart. Of course I didn’t realize they only meant soft cushiony pads; I decided to be Little Miss Shockproof since.


So my heart didn’t bleed as much, but one cannot completely ignore blood clots. As we talked through the desires of a woman, I realized there were so many wonderful things I could have done or experienced, but didn’t. I point the finger at those who knowingly (or otherwise) discouraged me, who made me feel I wasn’t good enough or that I didn’t deserve such. And the other finger at me, who believed them and held back.


I am beautiful and captivating!!! After declaring this a hundred times that day, I come out with a conviction to embrace my true identity. I am one of God’s beloved princesses, brought to this world for a special purpose. Now, regardless of how much hurt, failure, rejection or disappointment I experience, I vow to keep my heart beating soundly. Yes, I am beautiful and captivating. I am also smart, funny and most importantly – lovable and very much capable of loving. Soon I will be comfortable with this new heartbeat and get to experience His great gift that is life, to the fullest.





The  first time I heard about the first ever sister’s conference was going to be held in London, I got thrilled.  And when I was told by my SFC couple coordinators  that I will be the event head, I accepted the service calmly but actually I PANICKED(just within myself). But God has its own ways of pursuing me…


The title” The Princess Diaries” had brought back memories of my younger days, when I used to write an account on my personal diary and kept it secret…I was reminded of my favorite pink beautiful dresses and shoes I love to wear and of course, the dream of one day I would finally meet the Knight in Shining Armor…I was only Day Dreaming.


Nevertheless, I could never imagined how this conference could open my eyes to the REAL world and forget the World of Fantasy….In this conference, God has allowed me to pour out all my emotions…I knew that He has touched the innermost part of my heart when I heard Him saying these powerful yet gentle words…”My Princess Rhoda, You are so beautiful and captivating…from now on, forget and renounce all the lies the evil has planted in your heart. Allow me to heal you and reveal myself to you. I have created your heart and me alone could heal all its hurts…nobody else…nothing else…Consider me as your TRUE LOVER! I love you so much my dear  child”


This was how God had romanced and pursued me on that day….May God be Praised!





It was such an amazing experience to be able to attend Princess Diaries conference in London! I found concrete answers about the Lord and His place in my life. It was a God-filled moment experience...I am so touched by the spirit that God truly tends to tell me that i`m His princess, that i`m beautiful and i am loved. I feel so secure, Now that i know the 3 desires He has implanted in me. It`s only Him that validates me that i`m important and he adores me. He comes to me to tell me i`m His beloved and His desires are for me.


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Maria Armi Cleo
Maria Armi Cleo
Your conference sounds very enriching coming from the experiences shared by the sisters. Hopefully SFC Guam would be able to have something like that here.

Amen to the Lord God for making us all beautiful and captivating! God bless sisters!
Posted 4/21/2010 6:57:58 PM

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