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Christine Ke Akua Piliki by Mai Bautista, SFC Southern California
Posted by Christine Tarroza on 6/17/2009 4:15:29 PM

"Ke Akua Piliki” translates to “God First” in Hawaiian and so should it be in our lives. The service team, also known as Ocean’s 12, consisted of SFC members from Southern California and Arizona. They flew thousands of miles to the beautiful island state of Hawaii for the “God First” retreat on the weekend of May 29-31. On the campgrounds of Mokule`ia, there were 20+ participants who were thirsting for messages from God. It was a perfect venue to hear God’s messages. Worshipping with brothers and sisters within a few feet from timid waters. Meditating among clear blue skies. God’s words were stirring in all of our minds until we approached the third talk about the Holy Spirit. During the empowerment, people fell on their knees to worship, some eyes shut in prayer and tongues had become one true language. The message that was heard by every single person in that room: Blessed. Everyone felt incredibly blessed by God. They felt His infinite blessings being given to them. It was an outpour that could not be contained. They are empowered. They are excited. They move forward to the work that God have in store for them, not only in Hawaii, both in Southern California and Arizona. To share the blessings, to share the peace that God offers to everyone.

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This was definatly a memorbale retreat for all the brothers and sisters of Hawaii. "God First" retreat was amazing, it nourished our minds and hearts spiritually and mentally. I was definately empowered through the Holy Spirit. It could not have been possible without God and without the help of our brothers and sisters who flew in from So-Cal and Arizona. Thank you service team for your love and support for SFC Hawaii.
Posted 6/29/2009 11:17:09 PM
i like what you guys are doing back there in california .May God be your strength Amen. I want to be part of your big family ,please.
Abaah Uche
Posted 6/27/2009 8:55:40 AM

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