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Christine Awesome God by Arriane Lopez, SFC Bulacan
Posted by Christine Tarroza on 6/9/2009 3:31:12 AM

On Saturday, May 16, SFC Bulacan, along with CFC and its Family Ministries shared in its very first Praisefest at Malolos Central School. There were concerns about the promotion of this event. However, the theme was “Awesome God” and God definitely showed how awesome He was when all the Family Ministries were brought together for an evening of praise and worship.


People poured in from all over the province of Bulacan. The Praisefest was opened with a Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Fr. Allan Antonio. After a short break, the music ministry appeared on stage and opened it with praise songs. It consisted of SFC and YFC from various sectors of Bulacan. One will find that this music ministry has a strong commitment to God, sharing their talents for the One who gave it to them. After the worship, Tito Jovie Purungganan delivered the talk for the night, “How Great is Our God.” It was moving, especially with the sharers who testified to God’s greatness in their lives. After each sharer, the audience was encouraged to have a moment of reflection while the music ministry played a few songs. Then, they were invited to worship. At the end of each sharing, it was realized that no matter how wounded and defeated one may feel, it became a personal encounter of God’s greatness in one’s life. 

Whichever state each person was in that room, everyone was filled with the Spirit. There were people clapping or raising their hands. Bowing their heads, with eyes closed. On their knees, praying in tongues. Standing and singing out their praises to God. Everyone felt empowered as the Spirit worked and lived through each and everyone. Everyone dared to raise their hands, sing and dance, laugh and cry, and just move to their heart’s desires. It was not just any ordinary concert. It was a moment of prayer and worship, where one truly experienced heaven and came face to face with God. Amazing!


It was truly one of a kind with all the ministries present. More than the singing and the playing of music, the "Awesome God" Praisefest was a concert, where every song became a heavenly piece that heals the soul, where every movement became an act of prayer, and where every encounter became a moment in heaven. And true to its theme, this has really been an amazing experience. What an awesome God He is!

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hi sis!

yeah awesome God is one successful event of SFC, YFC and CFC.

actually, kme ung tao sa registar that event. hope, to see you sis in our provincial assembly. West sector ang host this year. hope to get your support.

all for the glory of GOD.
Posted 8/11/2009 1:13:55 AM
Hi Arriane,

I am Adeline Romero from Bulacan. Iam presently in Dubai.

Can I have your contact numbers so that when gohome on November, I can be able to join you.

Thank you. It is really fun serving God.

Any upcoming CLP in Bulacan. I will tell my brother and sister to join.

Posted 8/6/2009 2:28:12 PM
ok yan sis. kasi when i was in brunei eh part of our program yan praisefest start sa 7 to 10 pm.siguro every 3 month mayroon kami kantahan lang kumbaga eh concert lalo kang napapalapit kay lord.
Posted 7/7/2009 8:36:31 AM
Donna Gay
Donna Gay
i wish to be a part of your community.
-donna saldua
Posted 6/28/2009 4:44:11 AM
ang ganda talaga ang activities nyo

Posted 6/25/2009 5:45:54 AM

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