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Ma. KatherineNEW FULLTIME WORKERS for Timor Leste!!
Posted by Ma. Katherine Guaño on 6/5/2009 9:08:07 AM


To our brothers and sisters in the CFC/SFC worldwide community:
May the peace and love of Jesus Kristu be with you all! Our God is truly a great GOD of bountiful blessings and wonders! He has been so faithful to all of us here in the mission team in Timor Leste, as well as to the CFC TL community as a whole. He has been showing His wondrous deeds through all the CLPs, youth camps and other activities that all we can say indeed is MAROMAK DIAK BA NAFATIN! (God is good all the time!). Added to that, the blessings of two of our local Mission Volunteers who have said YES to God`s call to go fulltime! Praise GOD indeed!
Just a very brief sharing on God`s goodness to us! Anyway, we would just like to request for your prayers and support of our 3rd SFC (Klosan ba Kristu) National Conference this June 6 and 7. We will be echoing the SFC ICON held last February, which was attended by nine of our local SFC leaders. Indeed it is a great opportunity for them to share with the other SFCs what they were blessed to witness in Cebu!
Please do include everyone involved in your prayers! May the peace, love and joy of Christ be with us always!
God bless us all.
In Christ,
The CFC Timor Leste Mission Team:
Anthony, Tina, Tim and Baby Rysse (coming soon in July!) Rodriguez
Karen dela Cerna
Future Fulltime Workers: Aleixo do Rosario Pereira and Nelson da Costa :)

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hi, how can i join to be a part of the full time worker in east timor?
Posted 8/26/2009 12:52:51 AM
Praise God....!!!!
We are so proud of our new fulltime workers for Timor Leste.

Thank you Lord...

Posted 8/19/2009 7:58:16 PM

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