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JoyPrincess Diaries 1st Southern California Edition: Captivated Beyond Words! by Richelle Domingo and Sari Yoingco
Posted by Joy Katigbak on 3/31/2009 3:29:41 AM


March 21, 2009--the day was set for royal treatment.  Invitations were sent out to the kingdoms of both the east and west chapters of sunny Southern California.  Trumpet sounds should have started at 8:30 a.m.  but since the castle is situated atop the mountains of Eagle Rock, most of the carriages took wrong turns.  And since we didn`t employ valet guards, our princesses had to park afar and trek the long and winding road in their splendid attire.

 What greeted the princesses were decorations fit for monarchs. A majestic throne was decorated with gold cloth, colorful candle holders, throw pillows, flower trinkets and all kinds of girl stuff adorned the palace.  All princesses were given their own beautiful personalized ID  (Thanks to the Queens from HOLD!) and a workbook-type diary. 

The mood of regalia was set because our King, our God and Savior blessed us at the very beginning! As soon as everything was ready, we began by adoring and praising our mighty King with songs and prayers.  Our sister, Maricris Dizon (formerly from SFC Chicago, now Socal West) led us to a remarkable morning worship.

 The 1st talk was magnificently delivered by (Queen) Mia Macatula (formerly SFC now CFC East chapter leader) and awe-inspiring testimonies given by Michele de la Cruz and Clarissa Flores intensified the session. Major cryfest happened when (Queen) Mia profoundly prayed over the princesses and to think we were just beginning our day!

 After praying the Angelus to honor our Mother Mary, a sumptuous lunch of baked salmon, meatballs in white sauce, chicken and overflowing of desserts were served to all present which made the princesses forget the dreadful word : diet. An afternoon of praise heralded the next half of the day, which was led by Mai Bautista (SFC East). (Princess) Richelle Domingo (SFC East) led everyone to the 2nd talk that depicted on the lies brought upon all women despite knowing we are all already heirs of the best and most sought-after kingdom.

Immediately following Talk 2, (Princess) Sari Yoingco (SFC West) escorted everyone on God’s message on healing and forgiveness with Talk 3. A new, powerful and hopeful word came to life: *CAPTIVATING!* (Princess) Richelle made her final comeback and gave the final talk on empowerment through God’s power of love. Each talk was actively participated in and attentively heard by  all princesses and different kinds of reactions, occasional awwws, ohhhs, giggles, laughter and gasps would erupt from everyone as they related to the  examples presented. 

As it was encouraged to all princesses who were about to embark a new found life of royalty, several sisters shared how the talks came so timely in their current state of life; how they needed to hear that they are captivatingly beautiful (and they really are); how everyone could start anew and that there is indeed life after forgiveness; how they were inspired by (Queen) Mia’s sharing as they look forward to finding their own prince someday; and lastly, how they were able to identify themselves and be affirmed by how much God loves them, which is very much!

 The day ended with its final festivities. Closing worship and prayer by the poolside made everything extra special as God’s messages of unconditional love filled our hearts with the value of peaceful forgiveness, the hope of having a more disciplined lifestyle, deeper spiritual maturity and the realization of having a genuinely valued self worth. We knew that God had set everything for us. His majesty unfolded right before our very eyes His messages of Kingship and that as His daughters, we are assured to inherit all these. Each of us felt really beautiful and loving in His eyes! We’ve been caught, lovingly captivated by Someone who alone will always suffice.

 Glory to God! Praise God for sisterhood!   Amen!

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hello michael glenn (mike!) and donna! it`s so nice to hear from you guys! so so so sorry for not being able to respond here.. i just read these now (you know what.. i`m thinking maybe i did respond to donna! can`t remember! hahahaha!). i`m so happy to know that both of you are still very active.. thanks for being so much a part of my SFC life. to God be the glory always! merry CHRISTmas!
Posted 12/18/2009 5:17:09 PM
michael glenn
michael glenn
ei, Sariyo! How`s my favorite girl friend? I miss you na my friend! I miss our coffee moments.. (hikbi).. It`s soooo good to know that you are really doing great out there. You gave talk 3 pala. Makes me think of also inviting the princesses of the Kingdoms of Metro Bacolod SFC. God bless!
Posted 5/7/2009 9:50:08 PM
Ma. Katherine
Ma. Katherine
Just email your SFC Philippine Missions Head Bembem Asunto (bembemasunto@sfcglobal.org) and Maita Jesena (maitajesena@sfcglobal.org) and they will gladly help you organize it and send people to assist you.

God bless you!
Sis MK Guaño
Posted 4/16/2009 8:07:06 PM
How can SFC in the provinces conduct their own Princess Diaries?
Posted 4/3/2009 10:40:03 PM
Hi! just want to extend my regards to Sis. Sari... hope you still remeber me. The Sedona trip with Arizona SFC way back 2006 :-)
Posted 4/3/2009 1:12:59 AM

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