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Involvement of CFC

With SFC being under the overall umbrella of CFC, the presence of CFC connotes that SFC is part of a bigger family. It puts the ministry in a proper perspective in terms of transition.

Parallel Structure to CFC

The structure of SFC is parallel to CFC, meaning, there aren’t as much interconnections with the CFC structure as compared to YFC and KFC. SFC is connected to CFC by having CFC be the Sector and Cluster Heads of SFC. The Sector Head is connected to the Family Ministries Head, who is, in turn, in the Council or Governance Team.

Empowerment of SFC

The Unit Head and Household Head positions should automatically be filled in by an SFC.  As such, this will allow the SFC to be trained, empowered and be given the opportunity to pastor other SFCs.

SFCs are also to be transitioned to Chapter Head levels.  Two considerations:

First, for areas that are at the Cluster level (and above) but do not have SFC in any level aside from being Household Heads, SFC members can take the next higher level – meaning the Unit Head level. There should be a plan in place, however, for SFC to take on being Chapter Heads.

Second, for areas that are below the Cluster level, CFC should be at the topmost level, while SFC in the levels below (at Chapter size, SFC should be Household and Unit Heads; at Unit size, SFC should be Household heads; etc.)

Last Updated 2/29/2008 7:19:53 PM
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