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SFC Formation Tracks

SFC Pastoral Formation Track
February 2007

Goals of Pastoral Formation:

HOLY – Spiritual Well-being

HAPPY – Emotional Well-being

HEALTHY – Physical/Material Well-being


? As pastoral heads, we must constantly discern what our members need, where the Lord is leading them and how best to achieve the above goals.

SFC Vatican II Realizations:

The need to have separate tracks for SFC Members and Leaders

Existing sequence of Singles Weekend Retreats (SWR1-3) may be improved.

The need to formalize a Chapter Monthly Cycle of Activities.


Revised SFC Pastoral Formation Track


                MEMBERS TRACK


                A. The SFC Covenant Orientation (taken, at least, 3 months after CLP)

                                1. What is a Covenant?

                                2.  Prayer and Scripture

                                3.  Strengthening Family Life

                                4.  The Culture and Life of CFC Singles for Christ


                B.  The Financial Stewardship Talks (Teaching Night)

                                1.  Taking Responsibility of God’s Work Through our Finances

                                     ? Guidelines for Business Dealings Between and Among Members

                                2.  The SFC Financial Handbook


                MEMBERS TRACK

                C. SFC Weekend One (SW1): The Discovery Weekend

                                                          (taken, at least, 6 months after CLP)

                                1.   Discover Your Purpose

                                2.  Discover Your Passion

                                3.  Discover Your Pain

                                4.  Discover Your Pleasure

                                5.  Discover Your Power

                D.  Evangelization Training (Whole-day)

                E. Bayani Weekend (formerly SWR3)


                LEADERS TRACK


                A. Household Leaders Training (1st Part) – HLT (2 whole-day sessions)


                                1.  Talks 1-4 (Whole-day)

                                     a.  Being a Servant

                                     b.  The Household: Purpose, Dynamics and Leadership

                                     c.  Being Leaders of Households

                                     d.  Building a Relationship with Your Members


                                2.  Talks 5-8 (Whole-day)

                                     a.  Zeal for Righteousness

                                     b.  Good Example

                                     c.  Single-mindedness for God

                                     d.  Brotherly Love


                B.  Worship Workshop (Leaders Teaching Night)

                C.  Speakers Training (Leaders Teaching Night)

                D.  Household Leaders Training (2nd Part) – HLT

                      (may be given as Leaders Teaching Nights)


                     1.  Talk 9-16

                                a.  Evangelistic Headship

                                b.  The Ministry of Encouragement

                                c.  Correction – A Pastoral Tool

                                d.  The Power to Intercede

                                e.  Prayer

                                f.  Faith in God

                                g.  Humble Leadership

                                h.  Evaluation



Revised SFC Pastoral Formation Track



                MEMBERS TRACK (may be given in any order)

                A.  SFC Weekend Two (SW2): The Christian and His Emotions (formerly SWR1)

                      (taken, at least, 6 months after SW1)


                     1.  Emotions in Our Christian Life

                     2.  Christian Love and Human Desire

                     3.  True and False Humility

                     4.  Guilt and Repentance

                     5.  God’s Gift of Healing

                     6.  Righteous and Unrighteous Anger

                     7.  Fear


                MEMBERS TRACK

                B.  The Training of Spiritual Gifts (Whole-day)

                     1.  What are Spiritual Gifts?

                     2.  Gift of Healing

                     3.  Gift of Prophecy

                     4.  Gift of Praise and Tongues

                C.  GK Empowerment – 3 Half-day sessions (may be given in any order)

                     1.  Bayan, Bayani, Bayanihan (Half-day)

                     2.  Hope, Hero, Honor (Half-day)

                     3.  Servant, Shepherd, Steward (Half-day)


                D.  Vocations Awareness (Teaching Night)

                E.  Tongues Workshop (Half-day)

                F.  CLP Training – Half-day (Ideally, members can be a CLP Facilitator by the 2nd year.)

G.  Crossroads Weekend  – Open to both members and leaders.

            (must be given after Vocations Awareness)


                LEADERS TRACK (may be given in any order)


                A.  Pastoral Management Training (Weekend)

                B.  100% Pure Leaders Forum (Whole-day)

                     1.  Advocating Chastity

                     2.  Addressing Homosexuality

                     3.  Handling Substance Abuse


D.  Bayani Brigade (Whole-day)

                E.  Living as a People of God (Whole-day)

                     1.  Our Basic Commitment

                     2.  Functioning as a Body

                     3.  Governance and Personal Guidance

                     4.  Peace and Discipline

                     5.  Unity and Disagreement

                     6.  Our Personal Responsibility


Revised SFC Pastoral Formation Track



                MEMBERS TRACK (may be given in any order)

                A.  SFC Weekend Three (SW3): Intimacy Weekend

                B. SFC Weekend Four (SW4): Fruit of the Holy Spirit

                     1.  The Image of God

                     2.  Love and Discipline

                     3.  Meekness and Aggressiveness

                     4.  Joy and Sorrow

                     5.  Faithfulness and Self-Control

                     6.  Patience and Perseverance


                LEADERS TRACK


                A.  Unit Leaders Training (may be done Sector-wide)

                     1.  The Unit Head as a Pastoral Leader

                     2.  Shepherd After God’s Own Heart

                     3.  Being a Burden or a Blessing

                     4.  The Prayer of Power

                     5.  Call to Discipleship

                     6.  Total Surrender to God

                     7.  Fit for the Fight

                     8.  Earthly and Heavenly Treasure

                     9.  On Fire or Burned Out?

                   10.  Problems as the Gateway to Mature Leadership

                   11.  Unity Among Brethren

                   12.  Kingdom Relationships


Revised SFC Pastoral Formation Track



                MEMBERS TRACK

                A.  Mens/Womens Overnight

         (SMB – Sarap Maging Brother/Sarap Maging Babae)

                B.  The Music Ministry Workshop

                C.  Chapter Teachings

                      1.  Foundations for Christian Living – FCL

              (to be given as individual teachings)

                                     a.  Sons and Daughters of God

                                     b.  Brothers and Sisters in the Lord

                                     c.  Growing in Faith

                                     d.  Knowing God’s Will

                                     e.  Overcoming the World

                                     f.  Overcoming the Flesh

                                     g.  Overcoming the Work of Evil Spirits

                                     h.  Repairing Wrongdoing

                                     i.  The Christian and Money

                                     j.  Faithfulness and Order

                                     k.  Unity in Christ


C.  Chapter Teachings

                                2.  Christian Sexuality Talks

                                      a.  Christian Manly Character

                                      b.  Christian Womanly Character

                                3.  SFC Courtship Talks

                                      a.  Loving the Men

                                      b.  Loving the Women

                                      c.  14 Issues on Boy-Girl Relationships

                                4.  Christian Personal Relationships (formerly SWR2) 

                                     (to be given as individual teachings)

                                      a.  Learning to Love One Another


                C.  Chapter Teachings


                      4.  Christian Personal Relationships (formerly SWR2) 

                                     (to be given as individual teachings)


                                      a.  Learning to Love One Another

                                      b.  Honor and Respect

                                      c.  Taming the Tongue

                                      d.  Correction

                                      e.  Healing Wounded Hearts and Mending Broken Relationships

                                      f.  Working Out Difficulties in CFC-SFC

                                      g.  Relating with People Outside CFC-SFC


                LEADERS TRACK


                                A.  Christian Hospitality: Our Culture of Hosting

                                B.  Missions


The Singles Engagement Retreat – SER

                A marriage preparation retreat for singles who are about to be married, at least,

     six months after the retreat.





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